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Fasting's Effect on Cancer

Deciding to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy or no therapy at all are very hard decisions. What is awesome is that you can empower yourself throughout this process to make your self healthier, make the process safer and increase the likelihood of your recovery!

University of Southern California released research earlier this year that demonstrated that fasting (basically the exact opposite traditional medicine recommends) can actually do all of these things!

In simple terms what is happening is your healthy cells go into a hibernation type state where the cell is protecting itself from damage...therefore it also the chemotherapy, radiation, etc. to kill the cancer cells and leaves the normal cells alone! It also allows your bodies immune system to kill the cancer cells; we've seen this in other articles how at 3 days of fasting this rapidly occurs.

This is great for a few reasons: 1. Makes traditional treatment MORE EFFECTIVE because your body may be able to tolerate higher doses. 2. LESS SIDE EFFECTS- some patients reported normal side effects like hair loss simply do not occur because of the natural protective defenses our cells underwent. 3. MORE OPTIONS- It is basic science that your body is designed to kill cancer cells and that ONLY AFTER YEARS OF ABNORMAL FUNCTION does cancer "take over" your body. This means that if you want to prevent cancer or want to eliminate cancer from your body you have more options in your arsenal to use. There is a lot of really good research on fasting and the multitude of benefits it has for your body.


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